A friend of Karol G showed images of the singer's huge and luxurious house in Colombia

Singer Karol G enjoys her visit to Colombia in her spectacular house surrounded by a huge green area and horses.

Influencer and fashion designer Daiky Gamboa reunited with urban music artist Karol G, with whom he worked for years and apparently, with whom he retains a good friendship, taking advantage of his visit to Colombia after a long period of time out of the country.

Karol G's friend shows pictures of her mansion in Colombia

This was shown on Instagram stories by the 'Bichota' singer, who posted a short clip where she showed her friend lying on the grass of the green area of her house in Medellin.

After the singer revealed his location, he did not hesitate to share some images of how huge her home is, the horses she has and the tables that are in the green area, he also let see part of the facade of the house while sending a message to his followers.

Outside the house, it was possible to appreciate the wide space she has and the cars that were parked. In the recordings also appeared the dog of the singer and her partner Anuel AA called "Gokú", as well as a piglet that she showed in her stories while she was feeding him.

The images left more than one follower of the artist surprised, while others were not very impressed considering the "mansion" in which she lives in Miami, United States with her boyfriend and where they both spent the confinement in the middle of the pandemic.

Karol G's friend shows pictures of her mansion in Colombia

In the video clip of the musical collaboration "Follow" you can appreciate the comforts and luxuries they share in their penthouse, among them: jacuzzi, pool, hammocks, gym, a luxurious kitchen and even a space for massages.

Karol G and Anuel not only live in luxurious homes, but also wear expensive outfits that have left their fans open-mouthed on more than one occasion. The musical success that both have achieved is evident with the quality of life that they boast on their social media and that many long to have.

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