After surviving two heart attacks, Fernanda Castillo returns home!

After being hospitalized for postpartum complications, actress Fernanda Castillo indicated that she is already at home out of danger.

The battle that the charming Mexican actress Fernanda Castillo has just fought was quite tough. A few weeks after giving birth to her first baby, she had to be admitted to the emergency room and almost lost her life. This hospitalization occurred 23 days after the arrival of her first son, Liam, a product of her relationship with the 40-year-old Mexican actor Erik Hayser.

Today the Mexican Fernanda returned to the networks for the first time, after the tremendous scare she experienced, to share the most beautiful photo of her little hand with her little Liam, a reflection of her being at home resting next to him.

"To all those who have been concerned about my health: Last Monday I had to be hospitalized urgently for a severe late complication of my postpartum. It was a very difficult week but today I am fine, at home and with my family. Thanks to God, "he wrote.

"You Erik and Liam, for being the best reason to fight," she said, mentioning her son's father, Erik Hayser. Later, he thanked his doctors and "all the doctors, residents, nurses and orderlies at Hospital Español, who took care of me so that today I can be writing this."

"To our families for supporting us," he continued. "Thanks to the good wishes of so many friends and the prayers of all the people. Thanks to the press for their interest and for the respect for the silence and the space I need to regain my health in every way," he said asking for some away while convalescing.

As revealed by TVy Novelas, the actress was admitted after suffering an internal hemorrhage and during her passage through the operating room she suffered two heart attacks. A traumatic experience that this new mom can overcome surrounded by the love of her loved ones. 

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