"Aggressive abuser...": The terrible details of the end of Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen's horror story

The actress obtained a court benefit after reporting having been a victim of domestic violence. Christina Ricci became famous in the 90s for her role as Wednesday Addams in the famous films of the strange Addams Family.

Actress Christina Ricci, 40, obtained a restraining order from a Judge on Wednesday, January 20, amid the change of government in the country, for cinematographer James Heerdegen, whom she married in 2013 and is seeking to divorce, to stay away from her and their son Freddie, 6, for alleged domestic violence.

According to TMZ, Ricci referred that Heerdegen began hitting her in December 2019, causing her several bruises, in addition to spitting on her and making pig sounds on her face.

Because of the attack suffered, she decided to leave him and asked him for a divorce. But then the health contingency began for the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, and in March she "found herself trapped in a house with an aggressive abuser."

According to Ricci, once the quarantine began, Heerdegen assaulted her twice in June, chasing her around the house and trying to prevent her from calling 911. He dragged her by her wrists into the yard and threw her into a fire pit, causing cuts and bruises.

Christina added that James "focused on only terrorizing and punishing her 24 hours a day," to the extent that "she was afraid to sleep at night."

In another attack, Ricci said, Heedegen spit on her and threw coffee and a chair at her while her 6-year-old son watched. She then called 911 and was granted the emergency restraining order against her husband. In July, it transpired that the actress intended to divorce citing "irreconcilable differences." Christina took photos of the injuries which she presented as evidence to the court.

Her lawyer, Samantha Spector, reported that Heerdegen must now stay 100 yards away from Ricci and her son, and have no contact with them or their dog. Christina and James met on the set of the series 'Pan Am' in 2011, which she co-starred in alongside Australia's Margot Robbie. Two years later they married in New York. Now the actress is seeking sole custody of Freddie.

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