Alert! Maluma reveals details of his ties to drug trafficking

Since the days of Pablo Escobar's drug trafficking, anyone with Colombian nationality has been judged and related in a bad way, and of course, it is easier to do it with those people with money, but could an artist is as well known as Maluma be related to this? Here we tell you!

Taking a look at Maluma's Instagram account implies peering into the life full of luxuries that you would expect from a reggaeton star of his stature, but sometimes we don't really know what is behind that fame or those luxuries that They will promote stardom, that is why the iconic Colombian star decided to open up about the rumors about drug trafficking and his family.

Two years ago the interpreter was able to buy a private jet - "out of necessity, and for tranquility and peace of mind," according to him - and during the period of confinement, he recorded a video for the prestigious Architectural Digest publication showing the interior of the impressive mansion that it has been built in Medellín.

However, Maluma grew up surrounded by all kinds of comforts and in reality, his situation would not have changed much after his rise to fame, as his detractors have always reproached him. The bad tongues have been ensuring for years, in addition to his family's fortune, that he would come from links with drug trafficking that have never been proven.

Now the Colombian has come out of these rumors in the interview he has given for the podcast of his friend and colleague Nicky Jam, in which he explained that his father worked as a manager of several "important companies" in his native country. During his childhood.

"People thought that in my family we were drug traffickers and that drug trafficking had supported my musical career. Obviously all that was a lie, but many things are speculated and talked about and one is here to make things clear," he said in the podcast The Rock Star Show.

However, everything changed when he was 14 years old and his parents divorced. At that time it was their grandparents who helped them get by after they went bankrupt and the artist has engraved in his memory the times when he saw his mother crying because he did not know where he would find money to buy food. "Everything went to the floor, my dad broke down and it was a very difficult time," Maluma recalled.

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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