Anitta talked about the sexual abuse she was victim of and about her affair with Maluma

The Brazilian spoke of this relationship that was never confirmed as a courtship, during an interview on the program of the Mexican host Yordi Rosado.

The singer Anitta had a very pleasant conversation with Yordi, and said she has had romances with great celebrities, such as the singer Maluma.

The Brazilian spoke of this relationship, which was never confirmed as a courtship. During the interview on Yordi Rosado's program, she took the opportunity to clarify whether she had anything to do with Neymar: "He's my friend. We did kiss, but this doesn't mean anything today," she said with a smile.

Regarding the issue of whether she fell in love with the Colombian singer, the famous woman said that "yes, of course. And I still love him, but today... We say that yes we could get married, but after living our lives".

"We are very similar in the way we have fun, the things we like. And I still love him very much, whether we are together or not. And I can see him with another woman, he can see me with another man and we love each other, and we love each other with no one," Anitta said.

Then, Yordi asked her why she didn't get married, to which Anitta responded: "It's that I would marry anything. It's that I go with every guy, that later, when I fall out of love, that I'm not there anymore, I look back and think: 'What was I doing with that person?".

A hard chapter in her life

The reggaeton singer Anitta's real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado, but her stage name has not only helped her to win awards and great sales, but it also gave her the opportunity to feel under the protection of a shield from the hard episodes of her life, such as a sexual abuse she suffered at the age of 14.

The singer of "Me gusta" spoke for the first time about this subject in her biographical series "Vai Anitta", but during the interview with Yordi she told details of the hard episode she has left behind today.

"A long time ago I stopped thinking that this was my fault, I needed care and calm and to wait for the right moment. I had never thought about going public with this, but realizing that this could help my audience is where I decided to speak out," said the singer.

The man who abused her was her partner, she said, but until that moment the Brazilian had not had sex. It happened one night when he proposed that they go to "a place for two" and in the face of his fury Anitta agreed.

"When we arrived he was already calmer, I was no longer afraid and I told him that I had only gone there to calm him down. But that was worse," she said.

When asked if she asked him to stop, Anitta replied: "A thousand times". Afterwards, the singer reflected on the support she represents for other women who have been raped by listening to testimonies. In her case, besides taking therapy, having contact with other women talking about the issue was essential.

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