Another plastic surgery? Natti Natasha shows her great "attributes" in a new video clip

Another plastic surgery? Natti Natasha shows her great "attributes" in a new video clip

The singer-songwriter, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, has a spectacular figure and with her new audiovisual work she has awakened passions in her millions of fans.

In one of her latest promotional videos, Natti Natasha looks lovely. She appears in a tiny swimsuit, which allows her to show once again the spectacular body she has.

The famous reggaeton singer who has achieved fame with her songs "Sin pijama" and "Criminal", continues to conquer the world with her music and is considered one of the best representatives of the urban genre today.

In addition to her music, her provocative costumes and video clips have given much to talk about.

New surgery?

"#Demisversosfavoritos2020 #Locoremix," she said with the video she shared on her Instagram, which is a preview of the release she made eight months ago.

However, although it stirred up millions of passions, many commented that she has gotten bigger breast implants.

"Wow, your breast implants are going to burst," "You've had so many operations, relax," "You've always been beautiful, they're too big," "Take off those two balloons and you'll be beautiful," were some of the comments.

In response to the reactions, Natti Natasha shared other images in a bikini where she made it clear that it could have been the suit or the video edition, since her silhouette remains the same.

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