Anuel AA appears again on social media and shares an emotional reflection

Anuel AA appears again on social media and shares an emotional reflection

After announcing her retirement from music, Anuel AA reappeared on Instagram and reflected on the importance of keeping family together.

For several weeks now, Anuel AA had been absent from social media. The last post he made was on November 24th in which he announced his retirement from music for a powerful reason.

"I'll see you at the Grammys and then, I don't know, I don't want to sing anymore," he wrote in that post that alarmed his fans.

Now, the reggaeton player reappeared on his Instagram and surprised his 23.8 million followers with one of the most beautiful photographs he has ever shared. The singer of 'China' posed with his son Pablo Anuel, as a result of his past relationship with Astrid Cuevas. In the image you can see both of them on board of a very smiling boat.

The artist did not specify if the photo is recent, but decided to accompany it with a reflection on the importance of keeping the family together, especially in these difficult moments. "Blood is heavier than water, life is over, careers are over, but the family never dies", reads the post.

The publication of Karol G's boyfriend caused a stir among his followers, who immediately began to leave thousands of comments asking the artist to resume his musical career.

"Anuel, don't retire", "Stay forever that we miss you", "You're back, I can't believe it", "When is the premiere? You have us impatient", "Your fans miss you", "Come back, Anuel", it reads.

Although Anuel didn't clarify if this photo means his return to social media, he did make it clear that the most important thing in his life is his little son, who motivated the urban singer to get away from the stage and spend more time with him.

"My son doesn't want me to sing, he wants me to be with him. That's why I'm thinking of retiring, because he's the one who suffers the most," says part of the lyrics of his song 'Me contagié', which he released before announcing his retirement.

Another big question that surrounds the personal life of Anuel AA is his relationship with the also reggaetonist Karol G. For some time there has been speculation about a possible break between the singers.

At the end of November, Karol shared a sexy photo that she accompanied with a mysterious message in which she let it be known that she was not in a good moment. However, the couple cleared up the rumors with a recent video in which they both appear playing basketball, showing that their love is going better than ever.

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