Anuel AA reappeared on social media to claim he bought this $3 million+ luxury "toy"

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, known as Anuel AA, reappeared on his Instagram to show off his new acquisition: a Bugatti car, white in color.

The artist had announced last year that he was retiring from music to devote himself fully to his family. On January 4th he posted a photo with his little son enjoying the sea. "Life ends, careers end, but FAMILY NEVER DIES", wrote Karol G's couple in the post.

Since then it was unknown what Anuel AA was dedicated to, until he reappeared this weekend posing with a Bugatti. The vehicle, as is known, was designed solely and exclusively to the taste of the artist.

Precisely the interior of the car, which is also white with red chairs, has on the carpets the text: "Real until death", the phrase that popularized the artist in the world of reggaeton.

The steering wheel of the vehicle, as well as the gear lever, stand out for their silver and red colors. Anuel AA's Bugatti is valued at 3 million dollars.

“2016 Me: And if I don't get killed in 5 years, I'm going to buy a Bugatti!!!!!!!

2021 Me: ¿¿¿¿¿WHAT HAPPENED CABRÓN?????" wrote Anuel on the post.

The expensive and luxurious reggaeton car is part of a limited edition in the world, and another one of those is the one of Bad Bunny, who also bought a Bugatti last year.

Unlike Anuel AA, Bad Bunny expressed at the time that he regretted buying the Bugatti, because everyone in Puerto Rico knew that it was the artist's car. However, he said he bought it because no one wanted to rent one for his Latin Grammy performance.

Anuel AA's Bugatti joins the artist's luxurious collection of cars, which includes a Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce and even a Hummer H2.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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