Anuel tells the truth behind rumors of a breakup between him and Karol G

The singer is promoting his latest album "Los Dioses", released with Ozuna, and, in a promotional interview, he referred to those rumors that disturbed his fans.

The attention that Anuel AA and Karol G attract with their love relationship is quite big. That's why, when last year it was said that the romance was over, urban music fans were shocked.

Posts came and went. Indirects, cryptic messages, some a bit explicit. All that fueled speculation, especially when they stopped sharing images of them together on Instagram.

Exhausted the effusive demonstrations of love on social media, rumors spoke of a breakup that had no way back, despite the fact that the singers had two years of relationship and had lived multiple experiences together, sayings that generated controversy, malicious conjectures and even the contagion of Covid-19 from her.

The closeness between the two was forged in a now distant 2018, after recording the video for "Culpables", and since then they had been together, sharing jobs, parties and friendships. The couple's stability was sustained on the solid foundation that during the past 2020 there was even talk of an imminent marriage.

But the speculations of their breakup gained even more strength when in these last days it was known that Karol G traveled alone back to her native Colombia, to visit her parents' house. After that, both began to make fewer posts and now they have rarely shared, focusing especially on boosting their careers.

But now, regarding the promotion of his new album with Ozuna 'Los Dioses', Anuel spoke with the TV show 'El Gordo y la Flaca', at which time he finally referred to the rumors of the alleged breakup.

Did Karol G and Anuel AA break up?

The answer to that question seems simple after what the singer said: "No". According to Anuel, it is just a decision with which they intend their romance to take a more "private" turn. In fact, the reggaetonero stressed that "everyone thought we had left each other" and "we just stopped making the relationship so public".

It is so clear that Karol G and Anuel's relationship is not over, that in 'Los Dioses' he even paid tribute to her through one of his songs: "Nena Buena". Thus, in a passage of the song he is heard singing "That legendary body, wet as an aquarium".

The phrase not only calmed the fans because of its explicit message, but also because of the implicit: aquarius is Karol G's zodiac sign and here she gets the praise.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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