Armie Hammer's ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenze reveals another disturbing thing about the actor

Armie Hammer's ex-girlfriend spoke out again about her traumatic four-month relationship with the actor. Paige Lorenze, 22, has just revealed an alleged new and disturbing detail of something Hammer did during their time as a couple.

Lorenze has accused him of sending nude photos of her to friends without her consent. In a tweet posted Sunday, she wrote: "AH (Armie Hammer) sharing photos of me that I didn't even know existed with people online, without my permission or knowledge. Disgusting, violating and frankly unacceptable."

The model shared some screenshots of a conversation Hammer allegedly had with another person where he shared photos of her after spending the night together. The chats show the actor and his friend discussing photos the actor sent of Lorenze "tied up" and "standing in front of a mirror".

Hammer allegedly sent a photo via DM to a friend, who asked, "Same girl?" and the actor seems to confirm: "Same girl." He then allegedly told her, "That was just the knot. I ended up wearing more strings during the night." The friend then queries him "Did she take the casual thing well?" to which he replied, "She didn't like it." Later, the actor's friend discussed his conversation with another person and said, "I feel really bad about my response about him sending me nudes of people. But now I can see that."

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, the actor's ex-girlfriend claimed that Hammer kept mannequins in the basement of his family's home to practice tying up women. In conversation with the tabloid, Lorenze spoke of her "deeply traumatic" romance with the movie star, and asserted that the performer once used a knife to carve the initial of his name, A, into her body during a sex game. She was often covered in bruises and bite marks after having sex with him, and expressed that their relationship was like the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey," but without love.

The former professional skier provided chilling details of her relationship with the actor (between August and December 2020). "I had bruises everywhere when we were together. I was his own real-life Christian Grey fantasy," Lorenze said. "I had teeth marks and bite marks all over my body."

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"He loved to play with the knife. He was obsessed with it, and usually wouldn't cut me. However, that night he decided he wanted to mark me as his property and carve his name into my body. Before I could process it, he plunged the tip of the knife into my skin, just above my vagina," the girl assured.

And she further confirmed that the 34-year-old actor talked about cannibalism while they were together. "He wanted to find a doctor to remove my ribs. He told me that you can remove the ribs from underneath so you can cook them and eat them. He kept telling me I didn't need them. He said it more than once. He was very serious."

Hammer's attorney has responded to the allegations made by Paige in the interview, "These statements about Mr. Hammer are patently false. Any interaction was completely agreed upon and consensual."

"He told me he had mannequins in the basement of the family home, where Elizabeth (his ex-wife) and he lived, to practice rope tying,'' Lorenze told The Sun. "It freaked me out, honestly. It was really strange. I'd never heard of anything like that before.''

But Lorenze wasn't the only woman to expose it in the media. Courtney Vucekovich, another ex-girlfriend of the actor, revealed that the star was into "master-slave fetishes" and that he expressed to her that he wanted to "break and eat her ribs." She also said he manipulated her into accepting his twisted fantasies and often talked about cannibalism.

"He's a very charming and intense human being. But once you start talking to him, he's pretty aggressive from the beginning. Not violent, but sexually aggressive in the way he talks," Vucekovich told the Daily Mail newspaper last week.

"He's magnetic, but that's helped him get away with it. He has a charming personality. He's very affectionate, he makes you feel very safe and on top of the world. Then, little by little, he gets darker," Vucekovich said. "He's a big narcissist. He sends audio messages with pretty graphic material. He's obsessed with himself."

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