As you never saw her: Becky G makes a radical change in her look

The talented singer was the star of an amazing video, which left all her fans with their mouths open, since they didn't expect this new look from the artist.

Thanks to her talent and beauty, Becky G established herself as one of the most promising artists of the urban genre. After the presentation of her song "Mayores", her popularity has not stopped growing.

On her Instagram, where she already has over 25 million followers, the young American singer constantly shares the news of her professional career and her daily routine.

In the last few hours, the singer of "Mala" generated a great impact by demonstrating her extraordinary beauty. For the first time, she showed the radical change she made to her appearance these days.

In the audiovisual material you can see the winner of the "American Music Awards" without filters and in natural. After a few minutes, she showed up with a new hair color and a spectacular make up.

According to the singer herself in the video, she decided to opt for a hair color that would identify her better. "Wasn’t feeling like myself with light hair, this is more like it", wrote the young woman in the recording of a few seconds.

As usual, the publication of Rebbeca Marie Gómez, better known as Becky G, reached more than 70 thousand reproductions.  

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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