Bad Bunny released the official video of "Booker T", and all his fans went crazy when they saw who was with him

Bad Bunny released the official video of "Booker T", and all his fans went crazy when they saw who was with him

The famous singer premieres the video of the song "Booker T" with the professional wrestler, and has charmed all his fans.

After the successful release of "The Last Tour of the World" last November 2020, Bad Bunny surprises again with the release of the video clip of "Booker T", accompanied by the wrestler himself.

Among the most popular songs of this album we can find "La noche de anoche" ft. Rosalía, "Te mudaste", "Trellas" and "Booker T", that's why the videoclip was something expected by all the followers of the singer.

This song makes reference to the recognized professional wrestler of the same name, who has been five times WCW World Heavyweight Champion, causing a furore on social media, and becoming a trend automatically.

Bad Bunny has confessed to being a fan of professional wrestling, especially WWE, as he grew up watching its shows and attending various events, even being hired by the company to entertain some parties behind the scenes.

Within minutes, the video had more than 1 million views on Youtube and more than 10,000 comments. And it's no wonder that so many people follow this artist, as the Spotify platform revealed that he was one of the most listened to singers worldwide in 2020.

The wrestler reacted to the video by paraphrasing the lyrics on Twitter, and tagging Bad Bunny:

"I AM A KING, CHAMPION, BOOKER T. @badbunnypr", wrote the wrestler.

Now, in the latest edition of his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about this song and revealed that Bad Bunny contacted him before the song's release, basically to tell him what he would do and ask for his blessing and approval:

"It's not about being the guy on top of the mountain. It's about staying relevant. In 2020, Booker T is still relevant for 2021. We're getting ready to do it, and do it big. I have to give him my congratulations, man, congratulations to Bad Bunny. All these years I've been waiting for a song to come out about Booker T, and now, Bad Bunny, the hottest Latin sensation in the world today, puts me in a song, man. He put me in a big way and I appreciate it. So, keeping me relevant... Bad Bunny, you did that for me, man, and I just want to say I appreciate it," said the wrestling pro.

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