Bad Bunny talks about the rejection of reggaeton: "It will never be overcome, it's like racism or homophobia"

Bad Bunny talks about the rejection of reggaeton: "It will never be overcome, it's like racism or homophobia"

In a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, the famous reggaeton singer shared various reflections on his successful career in the music industry.

The Puerto Rican Bad Bunny confessed that about a year ago he really took on all that he has achieved and that he was no longer the young man who worked in a supermarket.

In this context, Benito Martínez Ocasio - Bad Bunny's real name - commented that he is not a musician, but rather an artist with a vision different from the rest.

"I am not a musician. I consider a musician a person who plays a musical instrument. I, because of life's tragedies, do not play one, but I will not leave the world without doing so. (I define myself) as an artist who sees things differently and tries to create his own world," he said.

Regarding the discomfort that his success can generate to some traditional musicians, the singer pointed out that perhaps he would also be bothered by it instead.

"I try not to be bitter about it, but people are not taught how to process change and the world is changing every day. You're not taught from childhood to live with something as natural as change, and many people are afraid of it," he added.

The rejection of reggaeton

Another theme that Bad Bunny addressed is the rejection of reggaeton or urban music, something that has persisted for many years and that, according to El País, is often classist.

"It will never be overcome, that's like racism or homophobia. It sounds ugly with balls, it sounds horrible, I do not know if today I woke up negative, but that is something that will never end," he said.

Benito indicated that "the reggaeton is a genre that comes from the street, from the underground, from poor people who had no options. Sometimes, even criminals, but I don't say it in a derogatory way".

At this point, Bad Bunny said that the genre has made many people overcome their problems because they took refuge in creating this type of music. "But I don't mind, let them say what they want, there is a whole world dancing to the songs, enjoying life without prejudice," he said.

Despite this rejection, the reggaeton remains one of the most popular genres. In fact, for many years pop has been incorporating more and more these urban styles in this style of music.

About this, Benito said that "you have to be from Puerto Rico or a fan of the genre to distinguish a reggaetonero from Thalia. Everyone already includes reggaeton rhythm in their songs".

The relevance of singing in Spanish

Bad Bunny has collaborated with various international artists, such as Drake, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, but has always done so singing in Spanish.

"We have to break the notion that gringos are gods... No, papi," said Martinez, adding that Puerto Rican salsa artist Hector Lavoe was a god.

Finally, regarding how some years ago artists like Ricky Martin and Shakira released singles with their English version, Bad Bunny commented that although they opened doors for other Latino artists, that trend ended. "I am very proud to reach the level where we are speaking in Spanish, and not only in Spanish, but in the Spanish that we speak in Puerto Rico. Without changing the accent," he concluded.

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