Because of these posts, Danna Paola's fans began to worry about her

Because of these posts, Danna Paola's fans began to worry about her

The singer of "Mala Fama" started in 2021 by posting some videos on her social media that surprised and worried her fans at the same time.

The 25 year old actress and singer, Danna Paola, has finished a 2020 full of successes. Her new songs, video clips and some Disney dubbing have made this past year one of the best for her, despite the pandemic.

But since a week ago, the performer of "Nada" began to behave in a strange way on her social media, and many of her most loyal followers began to question the mental health of their beloved idol.

One of the first posts she uploaded was a short video clip of a woman's foot with a red stiletto stepping on some rose petals. "Hey, you're dramatic," wrote Juanpa Zurita, while Greeicy Rendon commented "¡Eso!��. Then, the star of 'Elite' posted some love letters burning in flames, with the text "Time to Time... I already know that". The next post was a glass of wine falling to the ground and breaking into pieces. "You're going to get cut!" alarmed one of his fans.

The image of a scene from a black and white movie with the text "You confused your insecurity with this love..." began to make her followers think that it was a new album. A clip of Danna eating ice cream and crying also drew attention on her Instagram account.

But what shocked Paola's fans the most was a 4-minute video of a Whatsapp conversation with a supposed ex-boyfriend. "You sold me a love that never existed... and here I am," wrote the Mexico City-based artist. "THE LAST STRIKE... YOU LOOSE" wrote the actress along with a clip from the famous video game Street Fighter.

The photo posted in the last hours is a heart burning in fire, with the date "15/01". There the fans realized that it was the release of a new album. In addition, Danna Paola posted her profile photos on Twitter and Instagram in white. Without a doubt, she is bringing something new to the table and the fans can't wait for it to arrive.

Danna is the Mexican artist with the most followers on Instagram. In addition, her most recent songs have been incredibly successful, as well as being a renowned actress, especially for her participation in the famous Netflix series, 'Elite'.

This is Danna's latest post on Instagram:

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