Becky G confesses that she loves 'perrear' in a very funny interview

Becky G was more fun than ever and responding quite sincerely to the game 'Not for a Million', from a program called LOS40 Urban.

The singer Becky G is one of the artists of the moment at an international level. Her success crosses borders and the reason for this are some of her musical themes, such as 'Mayores' with Bad Bunny, 'Sin Pijama' with Natti Natasha and her single 'Mala Santa', which have catapulted her to the top of the charts. Becky G's fame has been on the rise, and after her last collaboration with Ozuna in 'No Drama', she is more than ever in the limelight.

Due to her fame, many media outlets do not hesitate to interview her or invite her to their shows. In this occasion, Becky G has attended the program LOS40 Urban and has participated in the game 'Not for a million'.

The game tries to say if she would do any of the proposals that are presented to her for $1 million. Artists like Lennis Rodriguez, Kexxy Pardo and Willie Gomez have already participated in this test of LOS40 Urban, and have been able to give up that amount of money to preserve their roots, customs, and many other things. But also, on some occasions, they have been won over by the desire to have the money.

The singer was more fun than ever and responding quite sincerely to the game. She talked about her origin, her Spanglish mentality, but also that she loves to 'perrear'.

The test begins by talking about food and the program proposes the following question: 'Not for a million would I be eating hamburgers all my life'. Becky G without a doubt answered that "no, because I like tacos a lot. I love my Mexican food".

Regarding her origins, in the question 'Not for a million would I change my nationality', the singer answered with total certainty: "No, not for anything. Proud of my blood always". As for her privacy on her cell phone, we see her much more open to take the million dollars. In the proposal of 'Not for a million would I leave my cell phone to a stranger to gossip about everything', Becky G responded: "Yes, for a million yes because I have nothing at all. I'm a good girl, I don't have anything on my phone that everyone doesn't already know".

She was asked if for a million she would change her life for that of her ex's girlfriend, and without thinking she answered, "Oh no, not for a million. I am who I am and I feel good. She's super pretty, but... no".

She was also asked if for a million she would change Bad Bunny in 'Mayores' for another Latin artist and she said, "No, wey, not for a million dollars! No. He's 'Mayores'!

Becky G also replied that not for a million would she devote her entire life to publishing ballads. This was the funniest moment of the interview, as the artist couldn't stop laughing while confessing that she loves to 'perrear'. "No, not even for a million. I love 'perrear'. No, but I also like sad music, so I don't know. Maybe. Well no, I love 'perrear'," answered the singer.

Finally, in the question 'Not for a million would I forget to speak Spanish', Becky G was clearer than ever: "Oh my God, no! I have practiced so much, I have worked so hard to improve my Spanish. Imagine that. Not for a million dollars, no. I also love it because I can help other people, because sometimes I become a translator at the airport, at the supermarket... I mean, I love that Spanglish mentality".

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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