Belinda revealed the fantasy her boyfriend has about her body

The 31-year-old artist made that curious confession during an interview she gave for the podcast 'Hablemos de moda'.

The courtship of Belinda and Christian Nodal has become one of the most mediatic of today. As the months have gone by, the couple has shown that their love is true and that they do have plans to continue together. When they announced their relationship, public opinion immediately thought that it was just a publicity strategy to increase the ratings of La Voz Mexico, a show in which they were both judges.

Although Beli and Nodal frequently post photos and videos together on social media, they do not usually reveal many details of their romance. However, when they give interviews, they can be very sincere about the beautiful love they are living and, in some cases, cause a great surprise with their confessions.

This time the one who was in charge of exposing the never told before was the 'Amor a primera vista' singer, during a conversation on the podcast 'Let's Talk Fashion: Elle' just a few days ago. It turns out that she was talking about her favorite outfits from 'La Voz Mexico' when, in a very spontaneous way, she revealed Christian's fantasy about her. 

One of the podcast hosts complimented the look she wore at the Spotify Awards, which consisted of jean shorts, a silver glitter top, braids throughout her hair and (temporary) tattoos on every part of her body, and Belinda began to explain how long it took her to get all dolled up and why she chose that style, and when questioned about actually tattooing her entire body, she confessed.

"Well, my boyfriend would love it, but I don't know. I have tattoos, but I only had one and I got the others (implying that after getting the first one, she couldn't contain herself) and that's why I'm so scared every time I see someone getting tattoos, because it makes me want to," revealed the Mexican singer.

Regardless of whether she gets them or not, her name will always be linked to tattoos, because several of her ex-boyfriends have reportedly tattooed 'Belinda' or something to do with her. Kris Angel reportedly got 'Beli' tattooed on her heart area, Lupillo Rivera got her face tattooed on his arm and Nodal got her gaze tattooed on his chest and 'Beli' near his ear.

People en Español magazine chose Belinda and Christian Nodal as 'The couple of the year'. For the cover of that magazine, the lovebirds did an adorable photo shoot that took place in Mexico City.

During the interview they gave, the 31-year-old blonde expressed that their romance was something that had to happen, assuring, without any qualms, that: "There was a lot of love from there, from the beginning of La Voz Mexico. Obviously we kept working, each of us working on our own things and so on, and after a month and so much was when we started to talk and connect in a different way. We had to be together, it was something that had to happen".

Alejandro Peña

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