Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: This is how the actors bond after their break-up

Throughout 2020 Ben and Ana were the couple of the moment. On social media they were frequently seen living moments of romance and there was even speculation that he had given her an engagement ring.

Gone are the photos of Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck holding hands or laughing loudly in the streets of Los Angeles, now that both actors have ended the relationship they had for a little over a year.

What was thought to be the perfect Hollywood couple also broke up and many are wondering how the bond between the two is now, since they are not together romantically.

Ana de Armas not only won the heart of the "Batman" actor, but that of his entire family: the three children he had with Jennifer Garner and even Ben's parents. And to the surprise of many, their new reality is far from the dramatic breakups we are used to seeing in the movies, because according to media reports the ex-couple are getting along well and are still in touch.

An insider told People magazine that "Ben and Ana's friendship is not over", confirming that "they are still talking regularly". Although the news fell like a bucket of cold water to fans of Ben Affleck and the Cuban-Spanish actress, all could not be lost because another source said: "They could get back together. They are in love. People who know them think it's temporary".

It is worth mentioning that Ben Affleck was dealing with his alcohol addictions for the last few years and, according to his friends and family, Ana de Armas provided him with solid support in his attempt not to return to excesses. With the end of the romance, fans are crossing their fingers that he will not return to what he struggled so hard to overcome.

"I just pray to God that, since Ben Affleck is not with Ana de Armas, he does not fall back into depression, alcoholism, does not give up being Batman and from now on the Dark Knight will rise again," wrote a Twitter user next to a collage of photos of Ben Affleck in his role as the Dark Knight.

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