Ben Affleck talked about the days when the press was "racist" with Jennifer Lopez

During their romance almost two decades ago, the couple suffered media harassment and the actor gave new details about it in a recent interview.

On January 14, Ben Affleck gave an interview to The Hollywod Reporter in which he recalled the time he had a romantic relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

They started dating in 2002, and since becoming a couple they have caused a revolution. The media and paparazzi never stopped chasing and photographing them.

Media harassment

The two lived an explosive romance for a year and a half and separated in January 2004. After almost two decades of their breakup, the Hollywood actor spoke in the interview about the good times with the "Bronx Diva".

He also gave details about the difficult times they went through. It is well known that the media harassment they experienced was one of the reasons why JLo and he put an end to their love story.

At that time the actor made several films that were demolished by critics: 'Daredevil' in 2003, 'Surviving Christmas', 'Jersey Girl' in 2004, and 'Gigli' in 2005.

"I was in the worst position you can be in this business, which is that you can sell magazines, but not movie tickets," the actor recalled during the last episode of The Hollywod Reporter Awards chatter podcast.

In two of these movies he acted alongside Jennifer Lopez. That period coincided with the rise of the tabloids as a result of their relationship, and thus the nickname "Bennifer" was born. "There's always a story of the month, and my relationship with Jennifer Lopez turned out to be that sensational story at the time," he reflected.

The actor also participated in the music video of the singer "Jenny From the Block". In this one, he somehow ironized about the media persecution the couple was subjected to and became the subject of the moment.

One of the things that stood out was the fact that Jennifer had just ended her marriage to dancer Cris Judd. After JLo and Affleck began their relationship, it soon became known that they had become engaged and would be married in 2003. Their marriage was finally postponed and called off in early 2004.

They were talking trash about Jennifer Lopez

However, Affleck's new statements about how people treated the singer came as a surprise. "People were very horrible to her, sexist and racist," he told the media.

Also, the 48-year-old writer and producer indicated that, at the time, very ugly and malicious things were being written about her, to the point that if that happened today they would have been fired.

Highlighting his admiration for her, the protagonist and director of the Oscar-winning film, 'Argo', added that Lopez is now respected and praised for the work she has done over the years, her background and what she has achieved.

They still maintain the friendship

Jennifer and Ben ended their romantic relationship in January 2004. However, there is now a friendship between them. "She's a very real person, I keep in touch with her periodically and I have a lot of respect," said Ben.

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