Ben Affleck's physical appearance worries his fans, after breaking up with his girlfriend

The announcement that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas decided to end their relationship took their fans by surprise, because on social media they were always seen very close and in love.

As reported by People magazine, the couple announced that they were ending their relationship under mutual agreement because Affleck wants to live in California near his children, while the actress has other plans.

"The truth is that I think this year has been hard for people in terms of relationships," said Casey Affleck, brother of the actor, in recent statements.

Ben Affleck's physical condition

However, after a few days of their breakup, a series of photographs of the 'Pearl Harbor' actor caused some impact and has left his followers worried.

In the photos, which were spread on the Internet, Affleck can be seen in his home, but looking a little disheveled, with a thick beard and a very serious and puzzled face.

The images have generated thousands of comments on social media. Some believe that his breakup with Ana de Armas affected him emotionally and he is in a process of mourning and acceptance.

While others consider that they are simply common photos of Ben Affleck from his day to day, and that a celebrity cannot and should not look perfect every day of his/her life.

Alejandro Peña

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