Chyno Miranda's amazing recovery: "The best cure for any disease begins in the family"

The singer of Chyno and Nacho spent Christmas with his loved ones and showed a remarkable improvement after being temporarily paralyzed.

He never gave up his arms. Since he learned that he had a neuropathy that had begun to affect his mobility, Jesús Chyno Miranda decided to fight the disease. The first few months he did so quietly. However, in early November and after spending a long time away from his social media, Chyno and Nacho's singer asked his team to issue a statement to explain what was happening to him.

"Jesus began with a brief but intense discomfort in his hands and legs that intensified, experiencing a lot of pain, cramps, sensitivity and hardening, pains that first forced him to drastically leave his active life of exercise, his daily activities to a point where he could no longer walk," the text began. And then he explained that after a month in which he had had to be hospitalized, the treatment the doctors had indicated for him consisted of "physical rehabilitation".

Thus, with the unconditional help of his wife, Natasha Arao, who even pushed his wheelchair, Chyno began to go daily to the Miami clinic where he had been treated for his exercises. And, little by little, his improvement began. Of course, his presence in the networks continued to be scarce.

However, a few days ago, the singer published a photo on Instagram with his wife and their son, Lucca, which he accompanied with a message that said: "The best cure for any illness begins in the family". And the influence replied, "More than anything else, go ahead!".

Finally, during the Christmas Eve celebration, Natacha decided to share a video of the celebration that she shared with Chyno - whom she calls by his first name, Jesus - and the rest of the family. And it was definitely clear that the singer is getting better and better, which brought a lot of relief to his fans.

"I knew that the prayers and good energy of so many people would help me in my recovery. Thank you, therefore. Here I am going little by little, but with a lot of motivation and faith that all this will soon pass", he had published some days before along with a recording in which he could be seen singing 'Antivirus', the last song edited by the duo that he integrates along with Miguel Ignacio Nacho Mendoza, known as Nacho.

The detail that calls the attention, however, is that in the middle of the video Chyno stops and raises his arms to the sky, as a sign of gratitude. According to what his team had explained when they announced the news of his health problem, the singer had been temporarily paralyzed and had a long and slow rehabilitation ahead. However, everything indicates that thanks to his integrity and the love of his loved ones, he will be able to resume his normal life much sooner than expected.

Chyno had started with his first ailments at the beginning of this year, just when he had met Nacho again and both had decided to re-launch the duo they formed in 2007 and which kept them at the top of their success for a decade, until their dissolution. Therefore, after the presentation of 'Raro', the first single with which both announced their return, Chyno had to interrupt his work to take care of his health, with the illusion of soon being able to return to the stages.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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