Danna Paola was involved in the legal complaint against her ex-boyfriend Eleazar Gómez

Danna Paola was involved in the legal complaint against her ex-boyfriend Eleazar Gómez

It seems that freedom is further and further away for Eleazar Gómez after the complaints of his ex-girlfriend Tefi Valenzuela, who accused him of having physically assaulted her, however, she has not been the only victim.

The TV show 'Suelta La Sopa' presented a document with the declarations of Tefi Valenzuela where it mentions the singer Danna Paola, who was the girlfriend of Eleazar Gómez, assuring that she was also assaulted by the actor.

"I would like to add that three of her partners have publicly denounced their threats in the media and the physical and verbal aggressions of which they have been victims, in addition to the fact that Ms. Vanessa López, Ms. Danna Paola and Ms. Elia Ezrré have publicly denounced this", it can be read in the document.

The Peruvian model emphasized the toxic relationship that the interpreter of 'Mala Fama' had with the protagonist of 'Atrévete a Soñar', because it was Eleazar's best known romance. "The toxic relationship he had with singer Danna Paola has been made public," the document reads.

Although Danna Paola has not made a statement on the testimonies of Gomez's ex-couples, these could be enough to keep the Mexican actor in jail for a long time.

Everything seems to indicate that the legal situation of the actor will not improve soon since the hearing to be held during the first days of this 2021 would have been postponed until the end of January.

It is worth remembering that Eleazar was detained in Mexico City after allegedly beating his then fiancée, Tefi Valenzuela.

After the first hearing was held, the actor and singer was sentenced to preventive detention. The second hearing was scheduled for January 6, however, it was postponed to the 29th of the same month, due to the pandemic.

So far, Danna Paola's ex-boyfriend has not been convicted, but authorities refused to place him under house arrest, so he remains in prison.

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