Demi Moore confesses about the controversy of her ‘new face’. We reveal everything here!

Actress Demi Moore has confessed to successful model Naomi Campbell after sporting a controversial face at a Fendi show. The radical change generated unstoppable reactions on social networks and in the entertainment media. Nobody stopped commenting on what would have happened to the famous protagonist of Ghost to her face and why she looked like she was a different person.

After the controversy over the actress's makeover, 58-year-old Demi Moore broke the silence to talk about what she felt and it happened to her this day at the European fashion event. It should be remembered that the actress wore her cheeks very marked by which users alleged that she had undergone surgical treatment and this, according to them, would be the reason for the drastic facial change that made her look disfigured. Now, in a recent interview with Naomi Campbell on her show titled 'No Filter With Naomi', the artist confessed about her time as a model and also talked about her 'new face'. 

Demi Moore walked the show just a few days ago for Fendi, a dream come true that the actress would never have imagined. Sharing the catwalk with sculpted figure models and doing it for a designer of this caliber was a chimera that few reach. Yet it happened, and for that, she was deeply grateful. What she did not imagine was the real revolution that awaited her because of her 'new face'. Demi Moore was different, neither her lips nor her cheekbones were the usual ones and her image began to spread like wildfire on social networks. She was silent after the scandal until she spoke about that day in a YouTube video with international model Naomi Campbell, words that now make headlines.

Demi at Fendi Show

In a chat with friends, Demi Moore has revealed how she felt when she was oblivious to the scandal. Focused on the opportunity that the luxury firm gave her, the actress keeps the good of this beautiful experience for her. «I felt special… very magical. I felt like a teenager. There was a moment when I stopped and said to myself: OMG, I'm on a catwalk with some of the greatest models in history. It made me feel like a girl, "said the American. For her, it was not a simple parade, but much more, an adventure that will always remain in the memory of the successful actress. “It was very special because I felt that it was not exclusively about fashion, it was a complete story. It was magical, "he repeated.

Although much was said that Demi's appearance could be because she had “exceeded with injectable fillers” or bichectomy, the artist did not offer details of these aesthetic treatments, on the contrary, she claimed that her “natural” face is what who always speaks for her. In this sense, the actress hinted that the change in her face was achieved absolutely with makeup for the fashion theme and not by any surgical retouching. Besides, during the interview, her face was seen as it usually looks, so the thesis that it was makeup does come to life. However, it did not focus on the issue of cosmetic treatments that could respond to the theories of those who have questioned its new appearance.

Fendi Show

Where he has confessed, even indirectly about his supposed new face, has been on his social networks. In an image with her daughter Demi Moore, she insisted that the only treatment she used for that day was a mask, thus denying any retouching or aesthetic operation that would reduce her expressiveness or even radically change her features.

Without delving further about her friend, the Hollywood woman specified in the interview that the good thing about being the highest-paid actress in Hollywood is that she has been honored: “I got a lot of heat for that, but I agree because a change was made for all. In this case, knowing it made the difference and knowing that it made people look at the value of women differently ”, he concluded. Specifically, Demi Moore's surprise appearance at the fashion event was one of the most talked-about this past week. The 58-year-old actress opened the runway with an outfit in black styling, consisting of an 'off-shoulder' jacket and matching pants, as well as some stunning, mind-blowing extra-long earrings that drew direct attention to her incredible face, made up or no.

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