Did Erika Buenfil have an affair with Luis Miguel? This is what she said

Did Erika Buenfil have an affair with Luis Miguel? This is what she said

The actress and hostess, and now famous tiktoker, acknowledged that the singer of 'Suave' is extremely detail-oriented when it comes to flattering women.

If there is someone who has never minced the tongue to tell things, that person is Erika Buenfil. And just a few months ago she surprised everyone by telling them that she had an affair with 'El Sol de México', and she did it so openly that she even told some details of that affair.

The talk was given in the TV show 'Netas Divinas', where she was a guest, and she enthusiastically told about some techniques that the singer applies to conquer women. In addition, she acknowledged that the singer of 'El Reloj' is extremely detailed when it comes to flattering women and that he makes them feel "like a fairy tale".

"He is a gentleman in every sense of the word," confessed Buenfil in front of all the female hosts of the Unicable program. "He is a perfectionist, very much so, but he does have a perfect continuity in the aspect of courtship, of conquest. All the time it seems like you're in a video clip. It can't be. The perfect lighting, the perfect reception and in the background Prince Charming. He does everything very well, that part of the courtship, of the conquest," he told the Netas Divinas hosts.

A real gallant

Intrigued, Daniela Magún and Consuelo Duval asked her for more details of the meeting and the star of the soap opera 'Amores verdaderos' remembered that Luismi received her in one of her houses on a Mexican beach, and that she dedicated herself to live the moment, because "even the rain makes you beautiful", she declared.

"The element of surprise is that all the time he is listening to what you say to surprise you. What you talk about, what you listen to, your favorite music," she added. "I remember I went to Acapulco, I went to one of their houses and someone told me that 'the Lord' was coming for me. Under a staircase, I thought that someone was coming with him, and I see him in a white car with a white shirt," she recalled enthusiastically.

Luis Miguel is known to have had a lot of romantic partners, and even some of these 'romances' last only days or hours. The truth is that the famous bolero singer has always kept his love life very private, and the details that are known come from some women who have decided to reveal certain details of their romantic encounters with him.

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