Does Reese Witherspoon have a clone? Look at this photo and see for yourself!

Does Reese Witherspoon have a clone? Look at this photo and see for yourself!

The actress and her daughter Ava make us wonder who's posing in festive matching sweaters. Can you differentiate them?

Are we seeing double? We already knew that mother and daughter were remarkably similar, but in the last image they shared on Instagram, both are like two drops of water. Actress and model are the spitting image of 'cute', already drenched in the Christmas spirit. Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe, who now have a promising runway career at 21, posed for a festive photo in matching sweaters. In passing, he did a bit of publicity for the brand of the protagonist of the series 'Big Little Lies', Draper James. And based on the almost two million likes it accumulates, the idea has worked perfectly.

Good genes, Reese!

"Ok. It's 100% true that  I had to beg her to wear a matching Holiday sweater.... but isn’t it CUTE??!!" , the interpreter wrote, also labeling her textile company, because those clothes are not going to be sold alone.

Reese's friends were quick to comment on the post. Jennifer Garner, for example, said "it's worth it", while Selma Blair claimed that both were "beautiful." In a good mood, designer Derek Blasberg thanked him for tagging the photo so he could see who was who.
Ava, daughter from Ryan Phillippe, commented on the photo with a simple "I love you" addressed to her mother. In addition to the sweaters (which cost $ 150), mother and daughter completed their look with matching mugs and jewelry.

The nearly identical couple had already posed two years ago for Draper James' Valentine's Day campaign. Some photos that came just a day after Ava made her debut in an haute couture show for Rodarte.
Phillippe often refers to his close relationship with the actress. On Mother's Day, she posted on her Instagram account an adorable tribute to Witherspoon saying, "Happy Mother's Day to my first best friend!" She also thanked her for her "daily commitment to raising us and loving us the best possible. I am so fortunate to learn from you and to be loved by you."


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