Famous presenter Larry King passes away at 87

American television show legend Larry King has died at the age of 87 after a long illness, his family confirmed on Saturday.

The veteran interviewer won tons of awards during his career and was the host of RT America's 'Politicking' show. "During 63 years in radio, television, and digital media programs, the thousands of Larry interviewees are a testament to his unique and undying talent as an interviewer," the statement read, regretting his departure.

Although the causes of his death were not specified, in early January it was reported that King had been admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles (USA) after contracting covid-19. King, who became known internationally with his talk show 'Larry King Live' on CNN, has had numerous health problems in the past, including prostate and lung cancer and diabetes. Besides, he survived a heart attack and stroke.

In more recent years, the interviewer has been directing the 'Politicking' show, aired on RT America after RT struck a deal with New York-based production company Ora TV, co-founded by King in 2012.

His professional career has been recognized with dozens of professional accolades, including the Peabody and the Emmy. The list of interviewed by this journalist includes Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Yasir Arafat, Bill Gates, Frank Sinatra, Hugo Chávez, Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin, as well as all the US leaders since Richard Nixon.

Larry King conducted an estimated 50,000 on-air interviews and at one point in his career, his shows were frequently the center of celebrity breaking news.

His non-confrontational style calmed his guests and made him easily identifiable with his audience.

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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