"Get me pregnant!": this is how Kourtney Kardashian answered this follower

"Get me pregnant!": this is how Kourtney Kardashian answered this follower

The member of the Kardashian clan showed her body to her followers to disprove some rumors, and also gave an answer worthy of the Kardashian sisters.

Kourtney Kardashian wore a spectacular pink bikini to deny from her mansion the rumors of pregnancy that revolve around her. The celebrity used humor to silence the gossip, published on her Instagram a shocking message saying "Get me pregnant". This after several trolls accused her of looking pregnant.

Kourtney's followers began to create the rumor that she looked a little pot-bellied, so she might be pregnant. The 41-year-old celebrity posted on her social media some photos that belonged to the vacation she took in 2018 in Los Cabos, Mexico. Fans who saw the photos thought that it was a current photo and that the businesswoman was pregnant again.

Is she pregnant?

After so many doubts about whether or not she was pregnant, Kourtney decided to take this wave of rumors with a grain of salt and make a joke about it. Her friend, Sara Howard, who has known her since high school, wrote, "Let's have a baby!", Poosh's founder responded, "Get me pregnant".

Kourtney this time decided to have fun with all the comments her belly generated. The truth is that in the photo shared by the celebrity you can't see a lump clearly, you can only see the celebrity's firm abs.

The wave of rumors was started by the same fans of the celebrity, who are always on the lookout for anything she posts on her social media. One of them wrote: "@kourtneykardash, now you look pregnant", while another commented: "I hope it's a baby in Kourt's belly".

Those who follow the life of Kim Kardashian's sister know that those photos were not current. Especially since one of them features Reign Disick, the celebrity's son, when he was six years old. The date of the photo is evident because the boy looks much smaller, and with his long, curly hair, a look that changed in August of this year.

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