Gigi Hadid revealed her daughter's name and nobody noticed!

Model Gigi Hadid had her first daughter on September 24, 2020, and kept her name a secret during this time. In CNN Newsroom, we tell you how he revealed the baby's name.

We had been living for months with the intrigue (and some other crazy theory involved) about the name of the daughter of Gigi Hadid (25) and Zayn Malik (28), until finally last week the model revealed it by changing her biography on his Instagram profile, or so we thought. It turns out that we had not been attentive enough, since they had revealed it months ago, specifically on November 22.

That day, Gigi uploaded some stories showing her house already decorated for Christmas, and although fans always examine the publications of famous people in detail (remember the case of Kylie Jenner's shower), this time the best-kept secret happened unnoticed. Actually, in one of those photos, you could read Khai's name in a flowerpot under the Christmas tree but nobody noticed him.

Now a fan of the model has noticed and, as shown on his Twitter account, it was not the only clue that the couple had given us about it.

As seen in the second tweet, the license plate of his car (which you can tune in the United States, not like here) bears the initials of the three, GZK (Gigi, Zayn, Khai) and on the singer's arm, you could see a new tattoo that read his daughter's name in Arabic.

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