Guaynaa announces a musical collaboration with K-pop singer Chungha: "It's a spectacular song"

Guaynaa announces a musical collaboration with K-pop singer Chungha: "It's a spectacular song"

The Puerto Rican announced on social media that he will join the singer Chungha in her song "Demente", which already has the fans expectant.

One of the new names that has sounded in Latin urban music has been Jean Carlos Santiago Perez, better known as Guaynaa. The boricua who became known for his song 'Rebota', but as we have seen, the young man is not afraid to venture into diverse musical genres and styles.

He made that clear with his remake of 'Chica Ideal' with Sebastián Yatra and his collaboration with Mon Laferte for the song 'Plata Ta Tá'. And now, he will venture into K-pop, with the famous singer Chungha.

On his Twitter, Guaynaa announced this new musical collaboration, which will mix the famous style of South Korea with the reggaeton of Latin America.

The former chemical engineering student wrote 'South Korea and Puerto Rico', on a retweet of the song list of Chungha's new album. There appears the song with Guaynaa, called 'Demente'.

The Puerto Rican even assured on social media that: "The song with Chung Ha is a SPECTACULAR theme, and a historical moment in the evolution of the urban genre".

This announcement generated great surprise among his fans and among those of the 24-year-old South Korean singer. What's more, Latin K-pop fans are eager to hear what this collaboration will sound like.

Chungha's album will be called 'Querencia' and will be her first full-length album, and its official release will be on February 15th.

This is not the only collaboration between Latin and Korean artists

Given the popularity of K-pop at a global level, several Latin artists have wanted to collaborate with artists from South Korea. From more established artists, such as Reik, to newer artists, such as Leslie Grace, several have already joined K-pop idols.

Leslie Grace with Super Junior: The American of Dominican descent collaborated with this iconic boyband, for their song 'Lo siento'. She even participated in their tour in Latin America!

Reik and Super Junior: The Mexicans brought the romanticism and Latin flavor to this pop song with the South Koreans.

Sebastian Yatra and Monsta X: The Colombian handsome also made a collaboration with the boys' band Monsta X, which has a large Latin fan base.

BTS J-Hope with Becky G: One of the members of BTS, South Korea's most popular band worldwide, joined the American singer, which is of Mexican descent.

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