"Having health is the most important thing...": the positive message that Daddy Yankee sent to his followers

"Having health is the most important thing...": the positive message that Daddy Yankee sent to his followers

The legendary reggaeton singer decided to dedicate a small video to his more than 41 million followers on Instagram, and to his long-time fans.

Daddy Yankee took a minute to rest from his physical activity routine to send a message of good wishes to his fans, so that they can start this new year 2021 with all the encouragement and desire to continue.

The Puerto Rican had one of the best years of his career during 2020 and reaped countless successes, including his most recent song with Marc Anthony 'De vuelta, pa' la vuelta', one of the artists he admires the most, and with whom he always dreamed of making a musical collaboration.

From what appears to be a gym and wearing sportswear, the singer addressed his fans. "We are here in Bayamon, sweating a couple of pounds, we are still sweating. Congratulations to everyone and remember that having health is the most important thing in life," said the "big boss" with a wide smile and a lot of positive energy.

Of course, the reggaeton legend also took the opportunity to mention and promote his latest music. The catchy mix of salsa and urban genre has managed to position itself and stay for several weeks at the top of the charts. This is the first time that both Latin music stars have collaborated on a song together.

The video clip has already accumulated more than 40 million views on YouTube. On the other hand, on Christmas Eve the performer shocked the Internet with the release of a more intimate single, "Corona". The song is a kind of therapeutic reflection about this chaotic year 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic.

The song is closer to the first works of Daddy Yankee, where the denouncing rap had a more priority place before the party rhythms. In "Corona", the musician states that the governments of the world allowed the spread of the disease. Yankee confessed that he composed the song in March but that it took him months to decide to share it with everyone. "I didn't want them to think that I was taking advantage of such a difficult situation," he concluded. 

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