He can't get enough! Once again, Camilo's demonstration of love generates controversy

Camilo's effusive demonstrations of love again created controversy in a post by Evaluna Montaner, his wife.

Camilo has become popular among women since the beginning of his musical career. His romantic lyrics sweetened and enveloped fans quite easily, because, unlike other reggaeton and urban singers, Camilo stands out for being quite romantic, even more than usual.

This detail has generated that some of his followers feel displeased by his demonstrations.

Since he married the also popular singer Evaluna Montaner, they have not only published some tweets and photos in which they show their love, but they have also made songs, music videos and extremely effusive challenges to each other, and with messages that, in the words of some followers, border on cheesy.

A few weeks ago, Camilo posted a video in which he planned to give Evaluna a surprise, giving her some things he had bought for his new home, and some reasons were frowned upon for inferring that there are things that belong to him as the man of the house. Which added one more point of displeasure to his community of fans.

Now, after some time has passed, Camilo has commented on the most recent publication of Evaluna Montaner, who in her social media advertised a vegan hair care brand that she uses. The Colombian's comment looks forced.

Photo: Evaluna's Instagram

The comment, totally out of the context of Evaluna's post, simply said "I love you". Immediately after, several users began to compete for the Montaner girl's attention, discrediting Camilo as a husband and even telling him: "Camilo, Evaluna will cheat on you in the future because you are very delicate and she needs a man". A statement that only served as fuel for the fire in the commentary that is still under debate.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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