Here we tell you the secret that Miley Cyrus revealed about her bisexuality

Miley Cyrus is openly bisexual and keeps screaming it from the rooftops whenever she gets a chance. In a new interview for the podcast Call Her Daddy, the 28-year-old singer has explained why, although she is attracted to both, she prefers the bodies of women to those of men.  

Although in the last year and a half Miley Cyrus ended her marriage with actor Liam Hemsworth and has maintained a mediatic and now-defunct relationship with another boy, the singer and swimmer Cody Simpson, the truth is that the American interpreter wanted to remember in her last interview that, as a pansexual, is attracted to people regardless of their sex - as demonstrated by his brief love affair with Kaitlynn Carter, which occurred between the two aforementioned episodes - but revealed that, in this sense, he has a certain predilection for women.

"Women are more attractive and sexier, we all know that. Everyone could agree that p*nises are great for sculpting, but beyond that, I'm not too interested either. And I really mean this, it's what I feel. And I feel very good saying it because if you think about it, I think everyone knows that breasts are more beautiful and majestic than a couple of balls, "he reflected in a funny and irreverent interview for the station Sirius XM.

Regardless of the purely physical and aesthetic, the former Disney star is convinced that the personal and emotional connection that he maintains with women is usually much deeper than the one he is capable of establishing with boys, a substantial difference that also extends to the 'roles' that she establishes for herself in her various sentimental interactions.

"When I am with a girl, I usually like her to be strong and dominant, to be as successful or more successful than me. In my relationships with men, I am the one who occupies that most dominant space," Miley added.

The artist, who signed the divorce from Liam Hemsworth on 2020, has said that she feels more free and at ease when she is in a relationship with a woman. "If I'm with a girl, I'm totally in favor of her being a strong, independent woman, as successful as I am, or more successful than me, that's great."

In that aspect, Miley does not have much problem either, but that is "the role that fits me the most easily, because even in my relationship with men, in most cases I am the most dominant", he confessed.

Constanza De Sousa

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