Here's the touching birthday tribute that Alejandro Speitzer dedicated to Ester Expósito

The star of Élite is turning 21 and her beloved boyfriend dedicated her some beautiful words and posted unpublished photos of their relationship.

Spanish actress Ester Expósito is celebrating her 21st birthday this January 26th. In spite of her great acting career, her exclusive red carpets and her participation in luxury series, the young girl from Madrid has just passed the two decades of life.

Although her unparalleled beauty made it seem that she would be a difficult conquest, Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer managed to get to the bottom of her heart and they have been a couple for a year now. The key? To turn a deaf ear to what people say and not to hear the opinions of fans or others.

On this special day, Speitzer shared some exclusive photos from his intimate gallery. They show the Elite star alone, then together in front of the mirror and also a video with the song "Every breath you take" by The Police in the background.

"Suddenly I found myself with this being able to illuminate everything in its path. Suddenly I have the fortune of being able to walk hand in hand with you. Happy return to the sun my life. I love you" were the beautiful words Speitzer dedicated on Instagram to his beloved girlfriend. He also added a white heart, which is the actress' favorite emoji.

Some minutes later, Alejandro Speitzer's post surpassed 300 thousand likes and 2000 comments. The most attention-grabbing like was from Ricky Martin, who seemed to be moved by the actor's words. "Beautiful! Happy life!" wrote Angelique Boyer and "How beautiful!!!!! How beautiful!!!!" was the message from Sergio Momo, Ester's close friend.

Ester and Alejandro are one of the most popular couples of the moment. Occasionally, this pair of actors usually share on their social media some intimate moments, where they are seen very much in love and sharing with very dear friends, which keeps their fans very happy.

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