"Hey, Shakira, we should talk...", tweeted one of the directors of a Disney movie, Why?

Shakira caught the attention of the directors, Jared Bush and Byron Howard, of the new film that Disney will release dedicated to Colombia.

This Tuesday, after the Barranquillera shared a video of Gazelle, her character in the Oscar-winning 2016 film Zootopia, also by Disney, Bush replied to her tweet by writing "Hey, Shakira, we should talk..." and tagged his co-director, Howard. This would give indications of a possible collaboration of the Colombian in another Disney Studios film.

For now, the Colombian has not publicly responded to the director's wink, which she has shared with him before, since Bush co-directed and co-wrote Zootopia, in which Shakira plays a well-known pop singer in that city.

According to Shakira herself, she was in the creative process of the character, which, in principle she claimed to have seen very thin hips. In addition, the artist interpreted the main theme of the film, "Try Everything", written by the Australian singer Sia, who won a Grammy nomination that year for best song written for a film.

In late 2020, Walt Disney Animation Studios announced that they are working on a new animated film called "Encanto" inspired by Colombia. The release date of the new film is planned for the end of 2021 in the main movie theaters of the world

The film project is directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, co-directed and co-written by Charise Castro Smith.

The film tells the story "of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant village, in a wonderful and charming place called Encanto. The magic of Encanto has blessed all the children in the family with a unique gift, from super strength to healing power".

However, the film will immerse the audience in a fascinating story when Maribel, the only member of the Madrigales family without powers, realizes that she is the only hope to save Encanto from a danger that surrounds it.

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