"I always felt judged": Eiza González spoke of her self-esteem problems and could not hold back her tears

"I always felt judged": Eiza González spoke of her self-esteem problems and could not hold back her tears

Eiza Gonzalez spoke of how difficult it has been for her self-esteem to live under the public eye and be so judged by everyone because of her changes in appearance.

Enjoying fame as a young girl is "taking its toll" on Eiza Gonzalez, and on social media she confessed this, talking about the havoc this has wrought on her self-esteem.

In a video on Instagram Live, the actress, who seeks the 'American dream' in Hollywood, was sincere, and in tears, spoke of the price she has had to pay for being a public figure.

Glenda Reyna's daughter recognized that she is vulnerable, and showed her stance in the face of constant criticism of her image and person.

"I always felt judged by the public and I feel that this is still the case, people have a perception of me that is not true and it is very easy for them to say many offensive things to me," she confessed.

"It's not easy to go through life ignoring that, to live with the pressure that it shouldn't affect me, and also because I'm a public figure, to shut up about what I feel,", she said.

Likewise, Eiza Gonzalez pointed out, quite moved by the following: "I am paying the ravages since I was 14 or 15 years old, when people tell you that you must have a certain image and if you are vulnerable, you are not a brave one, and if you fall in the criticism, well, what an idiot you are, because if you fall, then people criticize you for falling".

"I have serious problems with my self-esteem," Eiza revealed, and further indicated that: "You can never be enough in the face of public scrutiny". She also confessed that "you can have 10 thousand positive messages, but a negative one can affect you".

Already with her heart wide open, Eiza confessed: "There is a very negative mentality regarding being vulnerable, I was always made to feel that I had to feel ashamed of my mistakes, and it is not true".

Eiza concluded, "Even if I am successful or working, I have serious problems with my self-esteem, with my security as a person".   

It is important to keep in mind that artists and celebrities are also human beings, and many times they suffer from serious emotional problems, because of all the invasion they suffer in their private lives and all the criticism they receive because of their physical appearance or way of dressing.  

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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