"I eat that mouth": Evaluna's sensual photo that made Camilo fall in love

"I eat that mouth": Evaluna's sensual photo that made Camilo fall in love

Camilo Echeverry (26) and Evaluna Montaner (23) have become one of the favorite young couples in the international show, for their frequent demonstrations of love on social media.

They recently returned to Bogota, Colombia, after three weeks of vacation in the United States, where they enjoyed the Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities with the Montaner family. Although they spent the days with their loved ones, the Colombian singer had not had the opportunity to upload too many photos to his Instagram and, in this context, published a brief "summary" of the trip.

"My word this year is to TRUST, to trust in what God is doing through me Trust in the weapons He gave me! What you have is enough. Trust," he wrote.

"Fan, literally fan of yours", "The best thing that has happened to me is you", "I trust that someday I will embrace you very tightly", "What beautiful pictures", were some of the comments left by his followers on the digital platform.

In the album there is a photo of Evaluna that the 26 year old refueled on his Instagram stories emphasizing how in love he is with his wife: "Beautiful, I eat you that mouth," he wrote.

In total, the images have more than 500,000 likes from his fans, who are always on the lookout for material they share on the Internet.

Photo: Camilo's Instagram

One of the most important challenges of any couple is to live together, and these young people were not left behind in this adventure that marriage means, so after getting married, in February last year, they had to live around eight months together in the Montaner family house.

The confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the paralysis of activities at an international level forced them to live their first months of marriage together 100%, an experience that the Venezuelan actress describes as "wonderful".

"Obviously I am more in love with him and I feel very Colombian, I speak Venezuelan, but I feel very Colombian. We spent our first months of marriage in quarantine, so we had to learn to live together, and see how the relationship was day by day, really being 24 hours together, and it has been wonderful. Thanks to God it has gone very well and every time the relationship gets stronger and well, here in Colombia it is accompanying me," she revealed in a recent interview for Canal RCN.

Regarding her arrival to Bogota, where she currently lives because of the recordings of "Club 57", Evaluna said she loves the city, since it brings back many memories of her childhood. "I love Bogota, I love the weather, the people, I have many beautiful memories, the truth has been super nice," she said.

She arrived to this Caribbean city accompanied by her parents, who helped her locate the apartment where she will live until the middle of next year: "I arrived first with my mom and dad, we did the quarantine together, my mom helped me decorate the whole apartment, she put the candles, the lights and a week later they left, and I did stay here alone," she revealed.

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