"I still love him": Anitta talks about her romance with Maluma

The singer Anitta in an interview spoke about the relationship that Maluma had, after many rumors that between them there was something more than a great friendship.

The Brazilian spoke of this relationship, which was never confirmed as a courtship, during an interview on Yordi Rosado's YouTube program, although she first clarified if it had something to do with Neymar: "He's my friend. Yes (we kissed), but this means nothing today. " Anitta revealed: “We are so much fun in the way we have fun, the things we like. And I still love him very much, regardless of being together or not. I can see him with another woman, he can see me with another man and we love each other, we also love each other without anyone ”.

Then, Yordi asked her why she wasn't getting married, to which Anitta replied: "It's that I would marry anything. It's that I leave with every pod, everything that I leave, that later, when I fall out of love, I'm not there anymore, I look back and think: 'What was I doing with this person?'

"The father of my children ... Anitta of the future, the father of your children is going to be an intellectual man, very intelligent, he will not be famous, he will not be from this medium of fame, of things, of parties. calm, who commands you, who puts you in your place. That is going to be the man, "he revealed about the ideal man to have children.

The chemistry between Anitta and Maluma occurred since they met to make a musical collaboration in the recording of the song 'Yes or No'. They began to be seen together at parties, bars, having a great time, making sure they had an affair.

Regarding whether she fell in love with the Colombian singer, the famous one said that "yes, of course. And I still love him, but today ... We say yes (we could get married), but after living our lives."

Sometime later they had an obvious distancing, even the Colombian deleted all the photos in which he appeared with Anitta in his networks. Their reunion was at ‘La Voz… México’ in 2018, where they left behind the details that had driven them away.

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