In love? Danna Paola bids farewell to 2020 with a powerful message

In love? Danna Paola bids farewell to 2020 with a powerful message

The singer surprised her fans with a strong New Year's message and a spectacular photo where she shows a lot of skin.

Danna Paola says goodbye to 2020, and she does it in the best way, with a strong New Year's message dedicated to her fans and a spectacular photo, where she shows a lot of skin. Social media reacted to her post with messages of love, compliments and lots of kisses.

The 25-year-old singer closes a fateful year for many, reaping and consolidating great successes in music, which have led her to become a reference in her genre: with new songs, millions of followers on social media and collaborations with renowned artists, the Mexican can only be grateful.

And as part of all these achievements, Danna Paola sent a message to those who have driven her, and who have also become the backbone of her inspiration and fame: her fans.

Those fans who have accompanied her throughout her entire career, since she was just a child, and those who have recently joined her, thanks to her successful songs and her participation in the Netflix series 'Elite'.

"Celebrate life by loving"

With her charisma, talent and energy, Danna Paola sent a powerful message to her fans, perhaps to remind them that successes do not come alone and are the result of multiple actions that also have a powerful and universal motivation: love.

"Let no one tell you how to act, dress, speak, express yourself, or how you should be. You know yourself better than anyone else, be proud to be unique and celebrate life by loving what you are and being true to your essence, let nothing and no one change you," shared the artist on her Instagram.

Everything seems to indicate that the singer is ending the year with a new romance, a new boyfriend and a happiness that can be seen in every photo. As if this wasn't enough, Danna Paola shared her message along with a photograph where she can be seen celebrating the end of the year, and showing her mini waist, something that drove her fans crazy on social media.

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