Is Dua Lipa pregnant? She confesses everything and here we tell you!

Inappropriate use of various emojis can lead to confusion, and if not Dua Lipa is told. Keep reading and find out all the details!15

A week ago, the British artist confused her fans by posting an image in which she dropped that she was pregnant. But apparently, it is all a confusion. Although he did not write anything that could reach such a conception, the symbols that accompanied the image were enough for all kinds of theories about a supposed pregnancy of the artist to begin to emerge on social networks. Some theories have already been denied by Dua Lipa herself.

Such was the magnitude of the theories that were fired on social networks, that the artist has decided to break her silence. Despite the illusion that his followers had shown for his supposed state of good hope, he had to break their illusion. No, Dua Lipa is not pregnant.

It all started when on January 13 she published some images in which she appeared posing in a mini dress, accompanied by some emojis of a bottle, which implied that she had become pregnant. The news that she and her partner Anwar Hadid were expecting a baby quickly spread like wildfire on the web.

After the commotion formed, Dua Lipa took advantage of her intervention in the last Jimmy Kimmel program to deny it. «I like to use emoticons at random. That time I put… I don't know, a bottle, a little angel, some stars. Random things. The truth is that I did not think about it calmly, "said the singer in a video call interview with the program. From now on you will begin to think more calmly about which emoticons to add to your publications.

That is, the choice of symbols was totally accidental and that her fans remain calm that there is no suspicion that it is worth it: she is not pregnant. Dua Lipa is now receptive to joking about the matter.

"The first thing I thought is if it really looked like I was pregnant," said the singer, who can not see any trait of pregnancy in the snapshots. "In the end, those emojis have ended up turning against me", has settled the issue.

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