It has a meaning: Karol G explained why she radically changed her appearance

Of course, Karol G is one of the female artists of the moment and is going through a great present at a professional level.

The singer of "Tusa" reaches great popularity in each of her musical themes and, in a short time, they become furious among the public. In addition, Karol G keeps a close eye on her social media. On Instagram, where she already has more than 34 million followers, she shares all kinds of things.

In some of her posts, the Colombian singer showed up with a striking blue color in her hair. In the last hours, she explained why she chose that color.

"Blue color is related to tranquility, protection, health, understanding, power, stability, intelligence and generosity," Karol wrote. "In addition, it also represents sadness, nostalgia, self pain and empathy for the pain of others," she added.

"Who feels blue like me?" asked the singer on that post with her dyed hair.

Quickly, the post got around two million likes and as many comments from its fans.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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