It's left as new: The mural that was vandalized, dedicated to Bad Bunny, is restored (PHOTOS)

It's left as new: The mural that was vandalized, dedicated to Bad Bunny, is restored (PHOTOS)

A mural dedicated to Bad Bunny, located on the exterior wall of a restaurant in the community where the singer grew up in Puerto Rico, was vandalized with graffiti in December of last year. However, it began to be restored this Wednesday by its creator, Puerto Rican artist Eric Chacón.

The mural was made by Chacón, of the New Art Industry company, in May 2019 and the author took 18 hours to complete it. With lines of different colors, the work presents the urban music singer teaching the language and wearing his characteristic glasses. In addition, a third eye can be seen on his forehead and his two little fingers pointing to his face, a gesture he used to make constantly.

"We are going to restore it and add the message I want to project, which is directed at youth: that they do not fail to achieve their dreams, keep their focus, like Benito, and all those qualities of humble people and children who want to excel," Chacón told the EFE agency about his piece dedicated to Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny's real name.

In addition, the 40-year-old visual artist said that the whole concept of lines, colors and form will remain intact. The piece is located exactly on the outside of the Costa Norte restaurant.

"I felt the same way a child feels when he makes a very nice drawing and another child comes and damages it. I felt what any artist feels or would feel when his art is damaged," said Eric Chacón about the act of vandalism.

He added that the motivation to capture Bad Bunny's image on a mural came when the urban performer showed up on the red carpet at the 2019 American Music Awards with a third eye painted on his forehead and pointing both pinkies at his face.

"That was a sign that his originality knows no bounds. We chose to dedicate the piece to Bad Bunny because of his values, achievements and all the positive things he has done. I am a fan of him because of his achievements and what he has done for the people," he said in reference to the young artist.

Alejandro Peña

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