J Balvin appreciates the countless prayers for his mother's health

J Balvin appreciates the countless prayers for his mother's health

Colombian artist J Balvin wrote on his Instagram to thank his millions of fans for the prayers dedicated to his mother and spoke about his health, as he had many of his fans worried.

On December 31st, the last day of one of the most complicated years for millions of people around the world, J Balvin thanked the innumerable expressions of affection he received from his followers, and also announced that his mother came out well from the intervention that the doctors performed on her.

"Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for my mother. She is out of the most dangerous phase. Now we are waiting for her recovery," said the singer. Likewise, he took the opportunity to express that he is a human being like any of his followers, and is not exempt from anything just because he is famous.

"And thank you for seeing in me a person like any other, that's all I need, nothing more. I am just like you. Thank you," said the singer of 'Rojo'.

As you may remember, it was last December 30th, that the Colombian singer asked his millions of followers to pray for the health of his mother, who had an operation on her head.

This is how the urban music singer made it known on his stories on Instagram, where he published a photo with his mother, Alba Mery Balvin, and commented on a meaningful message.

Then, a couple of hours later, the Caracol Noticias channel announced that Alba Balvin had fortunately come out of the surgery well.

It is worth mentioning that, personally, this has not been an easy year for the reggaeton artist, since, in the midst of the health contingency, he was infected with Covid-19, and had a new episode of depression, as he expressed to all his followers on his social media.

In fact, in an interview with Semana magazine, Balvin assured that he suffers from this mental health condition, however, he said he is better, but not yet 100 percent, even though he would like to be.

In addition, he said that behind the artist who performs before thousands of people on the most prestigious stages of the world, there is a person who suffers, cries, laughs, has aspirations, has dreams, disappointments, because he is a human being like any other, with many mistakes.

The most admirable thing is that the singer from Medellin talks about his state of mental health without fear, in order to help other people with these pathologies. Likewise, his mother, Alba Mery Balvin, had a conversation with the program 'La Red', where she confessed that at this moment her son faces a very difficult stage.

Despite these statements, Alba acknowledged that, although her son is not in good spirits, he managed to get his country's name out there by singing at the Grammy Awards. "You could see in his eyes that the glow was not the same, but appearances can be deceiving," said the Paisa artist's mother.

Although the depression and anxiety that the singer faces have played tricks on him, as the singer himself has recognized, his mother said that somehow the depression has brought good things, because, according to Ms. Alba, there is also much light and much to be thankful for, such as for her son to be able to access psychological services and treat his condition.

Alejandro Peña

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