J Balvin asks to pray for his mother for this reason

J Balvin asks to pray for his mother for this reason

The singer reported on his social media that his mother will have surgery in the head area.

In recent months J Balvin has kept his followers on their toes due to the depression he battles with daily, so on several occasions he is often absent from his social media, and when he returns, he emphasizes the importance that should be given to the disease he has been suffering from for several years now.

Recently, the singer made news again for asking his followers to include him in their prayers, as a Christmas present. "The only gift I ask is that you pray for me," he asked on his social media, stressing the importance of mental health. 

This time, in the last hours, the singer asked his followers to pray for his mother, who has to undergo surgery in the head area.

The singer of 'Rojo' made the publication on his stories of Instagram, where he has more than 47 million followers, showing a picture of a video call with his mother, who is hospitalized waiting for surgery.

So far, no details are known about the surgery that will be done on the artist's mother, but even so, thousands of followers are already sending messages of early recovery to Alba.

Finally, in another publication yesterday, it can be inferred that the artist continues to be affected by depression, as he has once again made a statement with a meaningful message. "I know that I am not the only one going through this mental and physical battle. From here you can understand you (...) because here we are the ones who are having a bad time. Light for those who need it", wrote the singer.   

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