J Balvin 'recovers' photo he took with Karol G when they sang at 15-year parties before becoming famous

J Balvin 'recovers' photo he took with Karol G when they sang at 15-year parties before becoming famous

Colombian singer J Balvin took his social media to share on his Instagram stories a photo in which he appears with Karol G in his youth.

Years ago, the Colombian singer of hits like 'Bichota' and 'La Tusa' had already posted the same image, and now has more than 600 thousand likes.

"Let no one tell you that dreams are not fulfilled," wrote J Balvin on his Instagram stories, to give a message of hope and encouragement to all his followers, showing that although in your beginnings you have to do things that seem a little embarrassing, the important thing is that you do them with the heart and without losing sight of your goals.

It is known that the photo was taken in 2008 and, according to Karol G, both were at a 15 year old party. "J Balvin sang at a family celebration and allowed me to sing with him," Karol G wrote.

Far from her characteristic look with long nails and tight outfits, in the pic Karol G appears with a sequined shirt. J Balvin is seen wearing a striped sweater and a rosary around his neck. In short, nothing to do with the image they both currently possess.

After the photo was posted on social media, several Internet users shared their comments and assured that "they are great fighters". Others applauded them for keeping their friendship intact.

The Colombians J Balvin and Karol G have consolidated themselves as one of the most important singers of the urban genre of the moment. Both have millions of followers and fans around the world, and every time they release a song they almost automatically become a trend and reach the top of the music charts almost automatically.

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