J Balvin visited his mother at the clinic after her surgery, and shared this video

J Balvin visited his mother at the clinic after her surgery, and shared this video

The artist has been sharing with his followers the progress of Dona Alba's health and has asked for prayers for her.

J Balvin published on his Instagram stories some images of the video call he had with his mother, hours after the surgery on her head.

Hours later, J Balvin went to visit her in the hospital where she is recovering and recorded a video asking her how she is feeling. With a smile, she answers, "another testimony of the Light that covers us all". In the background you can hear the artist saying "Ok", throwing a kiss.

Although no further details are known about the health problems that J Balvin's mother has suffered in the last few days, the truth is that Mrs. Alba Balvin looks very recovered, but she is still under medical care.

The reggaeton singer, who has not been separated from his mother, took the opportunity to share a phrase from Jhon Lennon that says: "when I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote 'happy'. They told me that I didn't understand the question, I told them that they didn't understand life".

Photo: J Balvin's Instagram

J Balvin had to overcome an episode of depression in 2020, from which he has been able to emerge, in the midst of a successful year in his career. Now he faces his mother's recovery after the surgery she had to undergo.

The Colombian artist has spoken on several occasions about the importance that should be given to mental health, and that it is always necessary to ask for help if the person feels that he can't take it anymore. We can all go through states of sadness and depression, but the key is not to let them sink us, and learn to overcome them with professional help, if necessary.

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