Johnny Depp is one step away from returning to Pirates of the Caribbean!

Johnny Depp would be very close to returning to his iconic role in Pirates of the Caribbean. The actor had been banned from the filming of the next film due to the scandals surrounding his separation and allegations of violence from his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Although the news remains to be officially confirmed, there would be indications that Captain Jack Sparrow will be on board the project.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" was a total success at the time. So much so, that it ended up becoming a franchise made up of five films. "The Chest of Death," as it was called in Spanish, ended up being the highest grossing film of 2006, after earning almost $ 1.1 billion worldwide. To this is added the great popularity that the main character gained: Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp.

And, for some time, Disney has been planning the return of "Pirates of the Caribbean." Although, they don't know yet whether to continue the story of the last film, or to give it a reboot with a female lead. However, problems in Depp's personal life caused him to be put aside. When these accusations arose, Depp had to say goodbye to his famous character as Captain Jack Sparrow, but now, the pressure exerted by his millions of fans around the world and some colleagues in the saga, such as producer Jerry Bruckheimer, they would have made a dent in Disney.

On Change.or, more than 450,000 signatures have already been collected for the company to change its decision to leave it out of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, unless it is a decision of the actor, as they clarified.

Although the news is not officially confirmed, the American press specialized in cinema and issues related to the world of Hollywood assures that the giant of films is one step away from making the decision on the return of Depp to his emblematic character in the next strip that is about to start recording.

However, this could take a different direction in the following months. As reported by "Express", Disney is now considering allowing Depp to return for the next "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. And they assure that the amount of support that the actor has received on social networks has greatly influenced. His fans have demanded his return.

Likewise, the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who has taken charge of the last films of the saga, would be trying to convince the Disney bosses so that Depp can return to star in one of his most iconic roles.

As is known, Disney has shown that it has that ability to rethink decisions made. James Gunn, director of "Guardians of the Galaxy", was fired from Marvel Studios at the time. But, he has returned and will be in charge of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3".

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