Kanye West reappears after his divorce from Kim Kardashian is revealed!

Every time more details are revealed about this iconic divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, here we tell you everything!

Since the American press announced, at the beginning of January, the separation of Kanye West (43 years) and Kim Kardashian (40), nothing has been known about the rapper, who has remained locked up on his ranch in Wyoming, where he has lived for more than a year ever since his relationship with his wife began to go awry. And not only that but West has not published anything on his social networks since last November 4, something really strange considering that at that time he was promoting his candidacy for the presidency of the United States.

The last images of West were captured in London with one of his daughters last August. However, this Sunday the artist has reappeared in Los Angeles, where Kim Kardashian and her four children reside, specifically in the city of Calabasas, in a mansion that until a little more than a year ago the whole family shared in apparent harmony.

The publication Page Six has obtained the first photographs of the rapper getting off the private jet in which he arrived at Van Nuys airport from his farm in Cody. Although the artist has been in hiding for many months, Kim Kardashian has continued with his hectic social life and is his constant publications on social networks, although he has not commented on the possible divorce.

The artist has been photographed disembarking from the plane accompanied by members of his team. They also fashion designer appeared with his famous Yeezy Foam Runners sneakers, which he promotes in association with Adidas, worn leather pants, and a mustard sweatshirt.

“He understands that Kim wants to turn her life around and that she is fed up with him. Actually, he's also fed up with being involved with the Kardashians for too long, ”shared a source close to. "Especially with her mother [Kris Jenner], who figures prominently in all the big decisions Kim makes."

Deciding the custody of your four children will not be easy, nor will it be easy to distribute a complex network of commercial interests and an estate that is not liquid money. Kim Kardashian's net worth is 875 million euros while West's is close to 3 billion euros. Of course, they are not constant and sound.

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