Karol G's spectacular weight loss

The singer of the world-wide success "Tusa" apparently has proposed to eliminate those kilos that are left over, and she looks spectacular and very comfortable with her appearance.

The quarantine has undoubtedly been a space conducive to anxiety, so much time in confinement has caused many people to gain weight. The weight gain that many users have confessed on social media is not surprising.

Eating between meals, a sedentary lifestyle, continuous "trips" to the fridge and reduced physical activity have been the perfect combination to gain weight.

Celebrities have not been the exception and the Colombian Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G, had not escaped from weight gain either. The Colombian interpreter was the focus of criticism a few months ago, when she showed the extra books she had gained during the time she was locked up.

However, the famous singer has apparently set out to eliminate those extra pounds and looks spectacular. During the Christmas Eve celebration, Karol G showed off her new look and is now practically a different person.

Karol G shared with her fans on her Instagram a series of photos alone, wearing a sporty and quite tiny outfit where she shows her much more stylized figure and now with her new light blue hair gathered in two super simple bows.

The singer of great musical hits such as "Bichota" and "Ay Dios mío" has a huge following on Instagram, with whom she frequently shares moments of her private life.

The change is quite visible and she looks very different than she did a few weeks ago, indicating that she is following a strict training regimen and perhaps diet, however, she still does not give details of her routine.

Karol, one of the great representatives of the urban genre, has been synonymous with success for quite some time now, which is due not only to her talent, but also to her sweet voice and her exuberant and sensual beauty.

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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