Kim Kardashian: "Do not apply beige concealer to camouflage dark circles or spots"

Kim Kardashian: "Do not apply beige concealer to camouflage dark circles or spots"

This is the exact shade you should use to lighten (really) the darkest areas.

It's no secret: eye makeup has become the most important part of beauty routines. But if there's one part of the ritual that can't go wrong, especially if you don't get much sleep, it's concealer. Now that you're only exposing the upper third of your face, the fatigue you could once hide with an intense lipstick is now a thousand fold. That's why the most covering products have become a favorite for many to camouflage dark circles.

Kim Kardashian is also here to solve your problem and reveal the reason why you never fully counteract the darkness: you're not wearing the right color.

Kim anticipates the needs of the market and launches products that solve her buyers' problems, even before they realize they have them. A good example is the new line of color correctors from KKW Beauty, her beauty brand, in which she has included one in an orange tone with which she completely neutralizes any dark areas: from dark circles under the eyes to melasma, the spots that many get during and after pregnancy and that are intensified by exposure to the sun.

The celebrity has posted a video on her Youtube channel to demonstrate the effectiveness of orange concealers, a much-anticipated tutorial, as Kim is famous for always sporting an ultra-light look where you can't see a trace of dark circles. However, being a mother of four has made things a bit difficult for the businesswoman, who admits that for some time now she has had a hard time hiding her tiredness: "Now it has become a bit harder to cover my dark circles," she admits, and then shows how to apply the color with which she promises to remove any trace of that blue-green shade that dark areas of the face are usually tinted with.

To begin with, the entrepreneur has already applied a foundation to the entire face except for the area of the dark circles under the eyes, which she reserves without product to apply the orange concealer just above any darker part: "You put it where you need it, sometimes Mario (Mario Dedivanovik, her personal makeup artist) uses it around the mouth to blur it and you can put it on top of the lip if you have melasma," Kim assures. Then, she uses a makeup sponge to melt the orange fluid with the rest of the skin. But once you're done with this step, you can still see the color. "This can be scary for people who aren't used to seeing this shade, but you just have to try to make it blend completely," she advises.

To finish, just use a classic beige concealer on top to give the skin a more natural color, and this time, you'll notice that the dark areas have completely disappeared.

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