Does Kourtney Kardashian has a hidden affair with Travis Barker? Here we show you the proofs!

In the Kardashian universe, there is no day without gravy. At the beginning of the year, Kim announced her divorce from Kanye West, Kylie stopped following Rosalía. Every week the sisters grab thousands of headlines, that's undeniable.

Today it was Kourtney's turn who, oblivious to her older sister's emotional problems, seems to be living her best moment. She is going to participate in the film of her ‘bestie’, Addison Rae, she does not stop sending gifts with Rosalía and, although her ex, Scott Disick, has had the occasional date, she has shown that that relationship is more than overcome.

First, we saw her flirting openly in networks with Edgar Ramírez, and then rumors of a possible relationship with Travis Barker jumped out, which now seems more realistic than ever.

It is known that the fans of every millionaire star in followers are experts in looking at every detail and drawing their own conclusions. And well, the clues that the couple has been giving us lately make everything more and more clear.

Okay, we put you in a situation. The other day they were both at Kris Jenner's house in Palm Springs (that pool with a view is unmistakable), and they posted a very similar photo at different times. While Kourtney posted it in his 'stories' the other day and today in his 'feed', the rapper posted it just a few hours ago.

American celebrity Kourtney Kardashian, the older sister of the all-powerful clan, is dating Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, a source has confirmed to People magazine. Kourtney and Travis have been friends for a long time but that friendship would have gone further, as explained by this source close to the couple: "They have been friends for a long time, but now the relationship has become romantic."

People magazine assumes the couple has been dating for a couple of months. According to the cited source, "They are together in Palm Springs. They have been dating for a month or two." So far neither of the two protagonists has confirmed the engagement.

This is not the first time that they have been related as a couple, since at the beginning of 2019 it was already stated that they were dating. But at that time both denied having a romantic relationship and claimed to be just friends. In March 2019, Barker settled the rumors clearly: "Kourtney is like a dear friend. That's it. I mean, I love her to death. I love her family to death. But yeah, just friends."

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