Lina Tejeiro posted an old photo with Karol G and the changes are impressive

Lina Tejeiro posted an old photo with Karol G and the changes are impressive

"They don't look like them," say many fans on social media, impressed with the remarkable change that the two artists have undergone over the years.

Lina Tejeiro is one of the most popular actresses of the moment. She is constantly making a name for herself due to her publications on social media. She is characterized by her sincerity when sharing with her followers.

That's why she constantly answers all kinds of questions on her Instagram account. In fact, the actress has no problem revealing various details of her life. It is precisely one of her answers that has made her a trend.

She has joined the Instagram dynamic of answering questions with photos. An Internet user asked her to publish a photo with Karol G. The actress had no problem and published it for all her followers to see.

However, what was most striking was how changed both artists looked at that time, as their physical appearance is very different from today's.

Although it is not clear when the photo was taken, it is clear that several years have passed. The comments have not been long in coming and many want to know what the singer thinks of the photo.

Photo: Lina Tejeiro's Instagram

Some even dare to comment that at that time neither the actress nor the singer had had any aesthetic surgeries. For now neither of them has referred to the subject on their social media.

During the 2020 Lina went through the surgery in the middle of the year. This, because they found biopolymers in her buttocks and had to remove them. Although she had a notorious scar, it seems that the actress recovered successfully. This is what she has shown on her social media, in which she shows off her body.

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